Thank you for visiting BeeSmart Ecofoodwrap!

My name is Nora, the founder of BeeSmart Ecofoodwrap and I just wanted to tell you about the philosophy of my product.

As a former kindergarten teacher, my passion has always been teaching our children about taking responsibility in protecting the environment for a sustainable future.

I realised however, as our children went for lunch their food was full of plastic, especially plastic wrapping for a variety of foods like sandwiches, fruits and cheeses. This created a lot of unnecessary waste at the end of the day, so I wanted to do something that could help reduce our impact on the environment.

After a lot of research, I have created the BeeSmart Ecofoodwrap to be reusable, environmentally friendly and help reduce our reliance on plastic.

The main ingredient in our wraps is beeswax, an organic, natural material that has a range of health benefits. I also believe strongly in using the highest quality ingredients, thats why I only use Australian certified organic beeswax.

Please enjoy my BeeSmart Ecofoodwraps and take part in helping our environment!